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Hard Start Capacitor Spp6 Spp5
43-52MFD 130-156MFD
Place Of Origin:
AC / Motor
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Hard start kits

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43-52MFD 130-156MFD

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SPP/RCO - Capacitor(SPP/RCO Series Motor Torque Multiplied)

SPP Series Capacitor Introduction:

SPP Series Motor Torque Multiplied is comprised of motor start capacitor and PTC thermistor in series.It can also apply to heighten torque of motor the product has the characters,such as high reliability,long life time.It is suitable for use in single phase AC motors with frequency of 50/60Hz,voltage 110VAC~277VAC to refrigeration compressor and mainly applies to start the heavy duty motors on compressores for refrigeration ,heating pump and ETC.

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RCO410 RCO810 SPP5 SPP6 Features:

1. Increase compressor starting torque for faster recycling.
2. For all permanent split capacitor,single phase air conditioning and heat pump sistems.
3. Wired with "Piggy-Back" terminals for easy installation on run capacitors.
4. Designed for 115 volt thru 277 volt systems.
5. Mounts easily with either screw or clip.

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General Specifications for Hard Starter Kit:

1. For all PSC A/C units from 4,000 thru 120,000 BTU's (1/2 thru 10HP).
2. Residential and commercial PSC A/C units and heat pumps.
3. Can be used on 115 thru 277 VAC units.
4. For low voltage and hard starting compressors.
5. Room A/C units. 


Used widely in motors,air compressor, water pump etc 
High performance & Long life Capacitor, and work well even in high temp.

Hard Start Capacitors - HZ-SPP Series

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For all single phase air compressor and air conditioning.

For voltage from 115V to 277 V system.

For compressor rating from 4,000 thru 120,000 BTU’s, and l/2 thru l0 HP.



Case size of Standard Products (mm)

Rated Voltage      

Capacitance Range






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